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Marin Display

Increase ROI with the most open and transparent display advertising solution


Effective audience marketing requires adeptly taking in and executing on complex and large data sets. Since 2006, Marin has helped thousands of advertisers maximize the marketing value of their unique and proprietary data. Today, Marin uses that expertise to optimize over $7 billion in advertising spend for advertisers across search, social and display.

Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite is the only cross-channel advertising solution that empowers marketers to create high-value audience segments based on first-party intent data and then seamlessly reach them across different web sites and devices.

The Marin Audience Marketing Suite offers a complete solution for display marketers including:

  • Intent-powered audience segmentation
  • Complete control and transparency
  • Cross-device targeting and conversion tracking
  • Unified cross-channel reporting
  • Fully managed service by performance marketing experts
Intent Powered Audience Segmentation

Intent-powered audience segmentation

Only Marin enables marketers to marry valuable intent data, captured through search activity, with audience data to paint a complete picture of their customers and create powerful audience segments based on intent, demographics, and behaviors. Marin’s cross-channel data portability ensures marketers can take their high-value audiences and seamlessly target them with a consistent message across channels and devices.

Complete control and transparency

Complete control and transparency

Taking control of first-party data leads to better marketing decisions. Unlike other DSPs, Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite offers advertisers unrivaled transparency by proactively providing in-depth reporting and control over every aspect of their campaigns in order to fine-tune performance.

Cross device mobile tracking

Cross-device targeting and conversion tracking

Marin offers a seamless cross-device targeting solution for advertisers, enabling brands to find and link visitors across all their different devices, and target them with premium in-app and mobile ad inventory – all without using any personally identifiable information. Additionally, with unified conversion tracking, marketers can attribute their desktop conversions back to mobile ad engagement.

Unified cross channel reporting

Unified cross-channel reporting

In addition to providing display advertising performance reporting down to the campaign, channel, device, ad and domain-level, Marin also offers a unified cross-channel reporting dashboard that enables marketers to compare performance across different channels and audiences.

Fully managed services

Fully managed service by performance marketing experts

Cross-channel, cross-device marketing is not easy. Marin ensures advertisers have the support and expertise necessary to balance the art and science behind optimizing digital marketing campaigns. As the leading performance marketing optimization platform with over $7 billion in managed spend, no other DSP has the heritage to prove it can drive ROI like Marin can.