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Symantec Maximizes Revenue
with Marin Enterprise

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“The convenience Marin Software added to our Facebook advertising freed up our team to focus on optimization and less on the daily maintenance. Ultimately this made a major difference in the way we managed the account.”

“It feels like Marin was designed to meet the challenges of any agency. The ability to integrate revenue into our optimization strategies and efficiently report on performance at scale saves us countless hours and has reduced our clients’ CPO by 20% on average.”


“Utilizing Marin has enabled us to increase campaign scale and efficiency; giving us the ability to leverage our online/direct mail databases-integrating micro-targeted location keywords rapidly, and the ability to optimize web + phone conversions in real time. Its integration with Atlas and call tracking, allows us to value the impact and interplay of all digital channels. ”


“Marin’s easy integration with a variety of analytics systems helped us minimize changes to client websites and URLs, enabling quick and painless deployments for current and future clients.”


“With Marin, I can instantly get a 360-degree view of how our search marketing program is working for our clients at a variety of levels.”


“Marin has provided a huge increase in efficiency for managing Facebook Ads. Creative Rotation has helped us maintain performance over time, and the automated bid optimization ensures we are as effective as possible with ad-spend.”


“Our data integration into Marin was critical to our success. Within the first month of integrating our backend revenue and enabling Marin’s bidding solution, we saw massive efficiency gains. We uncovered new revenue opportunities we had previously overlooked and increased our revenue-per-month by 750%.”

“Since Resolution Media International adopted Marin Software, we’ve seen a significant improvement in performance in line with the objectives we set. This is a result of the automated bidding which has meant that keyword bids are optimized more frequently but also the additional insight that Resolution Media now have through the User Journey report and the strategic tests that they run – more insight equals better optimization.”

“We knew that a platform would be required to help scale our paid search program. Marin Professional has been the perfect fit for our business and where we want to take it. With revenue growing year over year and our investment in paid search increasing, we’re definitely excited for what’s next.”


“Using Marin Software, we can now factor lifetime customer value into our bidding strategy; and with Marin’s bidding algorithm, we’ve seen tremendous results. Most importantly, Marin’s solution and global presence has given us the confidence to enter new markets to continue growing our business abroad.”


“The complexity of our online advertising programs made it time consuming to gain insights and difficult to act on them. In the face of multiple conversion types, multiple publishers and campaigns that span not only search but also display and retargeting, Marin brings everything together into one unified view and automatically optimizes our spend, saving us a ton of time and helping us deliver on our financial goals.”


“Blue Shield selected Marin Software and AMP Agency to help scale their campaigns to drive maximum lead volume at target cost-per-lead efficiency goals.”


“With millions of keywords, we are saving a ton of time using Marin. Our team spends half the time they used to on management activities and have been able re-allocate time to much more strategic activities—increasing volume and profit for our already high-volume business.”


“It is not humanly possible to manually manage bids on our over 3.5 Million keywords. We have complete confidence in Marin’s bidding. This automation has enabled our team to focus on campaign optimization beyond bidding as well as expansion into new markets.”


“It’s not hard to drive traffic online for our customers, it’s hard to drive quality traffic – and Marin Software has helped us simplify management of our SEM programs to dramatically increase the quality of our paid search volume, driving 30% more qualified leads to our partners’ sites.”


“The real strength of Marin Software is how it has brought a new level of consistency and control to our SEM program, helping us achieve better performance across the board.”


“Using Marin allowed us to profitably grow our search volume year-over-year during one of the worst economic recessions in years.”


“After only a short time using Marin, the performance exceeded our expectations and the platform will certainly be a critical success factor for going forward. Additionally, I am delighted with the local support from the Marin team. I wanted to get the most out of Marin as soon as possible and thanks to their team’s skills, attention, and training we were able to quickly take advantage of the platform to deliver a positive impact on’s business.”


“Across the board, from campaign management to reporting to optimization, Marin Enterprise has saved us an unimaginable amount of time. What’s even more impressive is how Marin’s bidding solution has incrementally grown our business while still hitting our margin targets.”


“Our partnership provides us with deep cross-channel optimization insight that drives game changing management of the entire digital media ecosystem.”


“Marin Software has helped us to build much better relationships with our clients.”


“Marin’s recommendation engine has helped us identify opportunities to increase revenue over all our search accounts. Since working with Motivity Marketing & Marin Software, we’ve seen significant increases in conversions without increasing our budget.”


“Marin’s creative testing and advanced reporting features have allowed us to significantly expand our online marketing program.”


“With Marin and the integration of Mongoose call tracking, we now have a complete picture of phone leads generated through paid search. Within a year, this combination of improved tracking and algorithmic portfolio bidding allowed us to increase paid search lead volume by 98% and reduce our CPA by 43%.”

“To see such a sharp decrease in costs was amazing, as we’ve been increasing our spend on paid search by 50% a year every year – and with Marin we not only cut spending by over 60%, but at the same time increased revenues 20%. We’re blown away at the power of Marin Software.”