FSheet Music Plus, a United States-based online retailer since 1996, carries the largest selection of sheet music, with over 720,000 unique SKUs. With its massive product catalog Sheet Music Plus recognized an opportunity to scale its search marketing program and deliver more revenue by targeting product-specific keywords.

    Unfortunately, Sheet Music Plus was hampered by slow manual processes and poor visibility into their online campaigns. It took a significant amount of time to generate actionable reports, which delayed their ability to react to changing market conditions, limited their ability to bid effectively, and prevented them from expanding their program.


    Reporting and Analytics

    With Marin Professional, the Sheet Music Plus team has immediate visibility into the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. They are now able to analyze campaigns on the fly and respond immediately to the information gleaned.


    Sheet Music Plus utilizes Marin Professional’s predictive bidding solution to ensure that their bidding strategy is fully aligned with their business goals of maximizing revenues while remaining within margin targets.

    Creative Testing

    Marin Professional’s creative testing automatically analyzes the performance of each creative to help increase conversions and relevance. By testing creative within its digital products, Sheet Music Plus identified that their “Instant Print” call-to-action improved performance based on click-through and conversion rates.

    Keyword Expansion

    Marin’s integrated keyword expansion tool allowed Sheet Music Plus to review raw search queries and add relevant new keywords. With the new structure of its account, Sheet Music Plus doubled the overall size of its search program by adding keywords and using Marin’s advanced reporting to monitor their margin and profit.

“Marin’s creative testing and advanced reporting features have allowed us to significantly expand our online marketing program.”

-Charles Moehnke / Search Marketing Manager / Sheet Music Plus


    Since implementing Marin Professional, Sheet Music Plus has been able identify trends and quickly make changes to its campaigns. Sheet Music Plus also improved its search marketing program by doubling revenue, increasing conversions by 150%, and decreasing costs-per-click by 30%.