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Turkish retail giant increases return on ad spend by 20%, whilst reducing cost per sale by 12% with the help of Marin Software


  • Flexible bidding solution allows Trendyol to reduce overall cost per transaction
  • By identifying under performing aspects of the account, CPC decreased by 16% and CTR increased by 31%
  • Trendyol increased sales volume by 5% and improved ROAS by 20%
  • Time to set up new Facebook campaigns with Marin’s Campaign wizard is 20 minutes

Trendyol, Turkey’s top online fashion retailer

Trendyol is the leading online fashion retailer in Turkey, with more than 6.5 million members. More than ten thousand orders are shipped around the world each day containing products from leading brands such as Miu Miu, Zara, Converse and Puma.

“Marin software saves us time and drives improvements in performance making every aspect of our work more efficient. Furthermore, Marin Client Services Team are knowledgeable, informative and incredibly helpful and ensure we get the most from the technology.”

Mustafa Kemal Temel / Online Marketing Director

Stitching together data from multiple platforms was too time consuming

Trendyol were using two separate platforms to manage search and Facebook advertising which was time consuming; in order to report online performance, reports had to be run from each platform and stitched together. Additionally, each platform relied on its own tracking meaning there was a lack of consistency in data and no visibility into path-to-conversion. In order to understand the role of each channel in a consumer’s path-to-conversion, Trendyol’s Business Insights team would collate data from multiple systems, stitch it together, and run multiple pieces of analysis in an effort to model behavior. Insights they found would then be sent to the search and Facebook teams for account optimisation.

Setting up Facebook campaigns with Trendyol’s previous technology took two hours because each image had to be individually uploaded and each audience manually built-out. Search bids were calculated manually due to a lack of confidence in the previous black-box bidding solution; users did not have control to set up different targets for different keywords based on the value of the sales they drove. This lack of control was problematic for Trendyol because the products they sell vary significantly in value and need to achieve an overall return-on-ad-spend target.

Trendyol found campaign management, bidding, and reporting solutions with Marin

In order to provide cross-channel visibility, the company deployed Marin Software and integrated consistent third-party conversion data. Now that there is only one system tracking performance across search and Facebook, conversions are de-duplicated and accurate performance data is automatically sent to Marin every day. This means accounts can be optimised daily without the need for reports from the Business Intelligence team.

With Marin’s powerful automated bidding solution, Trendyol can now set unique targets on a product-by-product basis and maximise revenue acquisition. Through Marin’s folder set-up feature, Trendyol ensured that accurate bids were calculated based on the ROAS of individual keywords, as opposed to the outdated portfolio approach which lacked the ability to optimise for individual keyword performance.

Marin’s Facebook Campaign Wizard also reduced the time it takes to set up new Facebook campaigns from two hours to 20 minutes. Now the team is able to save the images they use for ads in Marin’s image library for repeat use at the click of a button. Trendyol have also used Marin’s audience templates, which allow them to set up new ads targeting existing templates in a matter of minutes. This helps the teams save time by eliminating the need to manually define the targeting for each new campaign launch.

Numerous improvements across the board

By integrating data from all publishers and moving to a single, consistent performance tracking solution, Trendyol no longer have to rely on time-consuming spreadsheet-based performance analysis. Marin’s automated bidding calculates bids using accurate historical conversion data aimed at achieving product-specific performance targets. Trendyol report significant improvements in performance including:

  • 12% reduction in cost per conversion and 12% increase in revenue
  • 5% increase in sale volume
  • Average CPCs have fallen by 16%
  • CTR increase of 31%
  • 20% improvement in ROAS