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Trouvé Boosts Leads by 30%


  • 20% decrease in cost per lead
  • 50% decrease in time spent on campaign management and reporting
  • Leveraged existing Omniture tracking system
  • Increased lead volume from content ads

Trouvé, founded in 2003

Founded in 2003 and based in Burlingame, California, Trouvé Media specializes in helping leading insurance, financial services and real estate companies connect with over 1 million new customer leads online through search, paid media, and targeted email.

Trouvé develops comprehensive online lead-generation programs for its partners using banner advertising, organic search, targeted email campaigns, paid search, and more. Paid search is a critical channel for Trouvé because of its ability to deliver high-quality traffic – the cornerstone of lead generation programs. As paid search has consistently delivered high-quality, intent-driven leads for Trouvé’s partners, the company has recently focused more and more of its efforts on this effective lead-generation method. Even in the down economy, Trouvé has seen a significant increase in spending by its customers for paid search programs.

“It’s not hard to drive traffic online for our customers, it’s hard to drive quality traffic – and Marin has helped us simplify management of our SEM programs to dramatically increase the quality of our paid search volume, driving 30% more qualified leads to our partners’ sites.”

Terry Fung / Vice President of Advertising, Trouvé Media

Trouvé decided it was time to move on from using manaul systems to manage search

Trouvé manages multiple campaigns spanning millions of keywords for its partners, and required a paid search management application to drive maximum efficiency and ROI from this complex process. The company also needed to replace an outmoded, manual system that was costing Trouvé both time and money.

As sophisticated lead generation marketers, the Trouvé team wasn’t satisfied with other paid search management platforms in the marketplace. The majority were narrow bid management solutions designed to help search marketers maximize sales conversions, but did not provide a comprehensive, end-to-end workflow approach to help improve the effectiveness of complex search programs, while also generating high-quality leads.

Marin was a good fit because it allowed Trouve to set up different bidding rules for different types of clients and campaigns

The company implemented Marin Software to gain unprecedented control over its partners’ extensive paid search programs. Marin Software also appealed to Trouvé because it’s the only paid search management application that allows marketers and agencies to measure and bid against different types of conversions – whether that’s a completed online sale, or a more lead-gen focused result such as an inbound call, an email sign-up, or a completed form – across millions of simultaneous keywords.

Trouvé also relies on Marin Software’s client services team, which they feel clearly understands the intricacies of the paid search industry in a way no other company does. Marin’s client services team understands Trouvé’s unique lead-gen focused business model, offering exceptional hands-on guidance and best practices to help Trouvé get the most ROI out of their paid search programs.

Led by a 173% increase in margin, Pricegrabber’s numbers improved across the board

Trouvé now manages dozens of paid search programs for its partners totaling over $100K/month in spend through Marin Software. The robust enterprise-class application has streamlined the management of these complex paid search programs, resulting in dramatically increased efficiency of Trouvé’s paid search team, and a surge in high-quality leads for its partners. Some of the dramatic results Trouvé has achieved with Marin Software include:

  • For some campaigns, an overall 10-30% increase in volume coming from both “tail” and “head” terms – while maintaining the overall cost-per-acquisition.
  • For other campaigns, a 10% reduction in keyword CPCs – while maintaining the same volume.
  • Overall, a 50% reduction in the number of hours required to manage their partners’ paid search programs
  • An accurate reading for the first time of the “multiple conversions” derived from a single keyword – including clickthrough, conversion, store visits, calls to sales centers, cross-sales, email signups, etc.
  • Significantly improved levels of customer service and resulting partner satisfaction.
  • Improved reputation in the industry as a cutting-edge lead-generation company using the most effective and powerful tools available.