Learn how Marin Software’s certified migration program helped ensure a painless transition to enhanced campaigns and how we can help search marketers optimize campaigns for post-migration success.


Since Google’s announcement of enhanced campaigns in February 2013, advertisers have raced to not only understand how this change will reshape their paid search strategies, but also how it will impact their ability to acquire revenue. Marin Software understands the importance of managing enhanced campaigns efficiently, reporting on performance by device, and optimizing mobile bid adjustments and ad creative to maximize revenue outcomes.

Marin Certified Migration

Complete Solution

Integrated support for enhanced campaign features and capabilities

From device-level reporting to group-level mobile bid adjustments, Marin offers a complete solution for managing, reporting on, and optimizing enhanced campaigns. As a Preferred Partner of Google, Marin works hard to ensure our users have access to the enterprise tools and features required to successfully acquire revenue with enhanced campaigns.

Enhanced Campaigns and the Rising Cost of Mobile

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Efficiently manage campaigns with streamlined workflows

Easy-to-use bulk upload and multi-edit capabilities scales the management of enhanced campaigns and streamlines the workflow of copying campaign objects, managing separate location-targeted campaigns, generating device-specific ad creative, and modifying mobile bid adjustments on-the-fly. Simple dropdowns allow marketers to quickly update campaign settings and define or adjust mobile preferred ads with just a few clicks.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Effectively monitor performance with automated alerts

Trend analysis and insightful snapshots provide a 360-degree view of enhanced campaign performance, revealing the true impact of bid and ad optimization strategies. Automated alerts identify significant shifts in key performance indicators, enabling marketers to react immediately to sudden changes in performance across devices.


Optimize ads and mobile bid adjustments with device performance analysis

Marin’s bidding solution harnesses the power of algorithmic automation with flexible user controls to calculate optimal campaign- and group-level mobile bid adjustments. Quickly identifying underperforming mobile preferred ads is easy using Marin’s AB testing tools, enabling marketers to iterate on mobile ad creative to maximize mobile performance.


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