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Marin streamlines the workflow required to create, manage and optimize campaigns across publishers, consistently providing up to a 50% reduction in time spent on campaign management


Managing large-scale online advertising programs often requires tedious and repetitive steps that are not only inefficient but occasionally introduce human error. Marin streamlines the workflow required to create, manage and optimize campaigns across channels, consistently providing up to a 50% reduction in time spent on campaign management. In addition, Marin automates time-consuming tasks, like generating keywords, building URLs, creative testing, and cross-channel attribution which enables marketers to scale online advertising programs efficiently and profitably.

Cross-channel editing

Cross-channel editing

Efficiently make changes across multiple channels

Simultaneously running large-scale online campaigns across multiple channels is a major challenge. Marin’s cross-channel editing makes it easy to create, modify and replicate campaigns, audiences, keywords or display creative directly from within Marin’s interface or through a familiar bulk-sheet upload. The ability in just a few clicks to find and replace creative text, modify day-part schedules, adjust geo-targeting, or schedule a new campaign to start makes it easy for marketers to effectively manage and optimize campaigns at scale.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting

Efficiently target users by geo, interests, devices and more

Marin provides powerful tools to target audiences: reach consumers on the go with mobile-optimized ads; retarget site visitors across Search, Social or Display; micro-target social audiences by demographics, likes and interests; boost impressions on days or times when consumers are likely to convert, and tailor ad creative by geography, location or dynamic product insertion. With efficient and scalable targeting features, advertisers can put the right message in front of the right user at the right time.

Performance Marketing 2.0: Audience Targeting and Building a Database of Intent

Creative optimization

Maximize financial lift with creative relevance

Marin’s creative testing suite automatically identifies the best performing creative, selecting statistically significant winners that maximize business goals. Marin’s creative optimization tools help marketers improve their ad relevance, increasing their ability to capitalize on revenue opportunities.

Quality management

Intelligently optimize for quality

Ad quality can impact not only the effectiveness of an ad but also whether or not it gets shown at all. Marin automates ad quality management across Search, Social, and Display – evaluating the relationship between creative, keywords, and placements to provide recommendations for optimizing campaign structure. Users can easily split out campaings that contain poor performing creative, and optimize them to improve creative relevance.

Campaign Quality Management

Search and social campaign expansion

Profitably scale online advertising programs

Marin’s search campaign expansion tools empower users to add relevant new keywords and placements with a single click across multiple publishers, increasing campaign relevance and conversions while lowering cost per acquisition. On Facebook, automated audience expansion tools allow users to generate hundreds of Facebook ads instantly, segmenting users by age, location, gender, or likes and interests. Marin automatically builds URL tracking codes for new ad units, saving the marketer time and ensuring accurate reporting by ad unit or segment.

Search and social campaign expansion

The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising