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Marin’s easy-to-use analytics and reporting tools eliminate time spent in spreadsheets and enable marketers to make better decisions, faster across Search, Social, and DIsplay


Effective online advertising requires timely analysis, but operational barriers — merging data sets across publishers and channels, performing analysis across campaign elements, and packaging information for executives — cause delays and lead to errors. Marin eliminates time spent in spreadsheets and enables marketers to make better decisions, faster than before across Search, Social, and Display.

Configurable executive dashboards

Configurable executive dashboards

Instant, relevant insights

Getting an insightful snapshot of important metrics doesn’t have to require hours of work in spreadsheets. Marin’s flexible dashboards enable marketers to quickly build custom views tailored to their needs for at-a-glance analysis. Applying drag-and-drop dashboard widgets across any analytics set allows marketers to quickly identify performance trends to help guide business decisions.

Automated reporting and alerts

Automated reporting and alerts

Management by exception

In order to avert a potential avalanche of data, Marin provides flexible filtering capabilities to manage large-scale campaigns by exception, especially important for search advertisers. Quickly hone in on high-impact campaign elements and set alerts to monitor drops and spikes in performance. Automate recurring analyses by scheduling reports for delivery via Excel / PDF or by utilizing Marin Web Query to pull and refresh data directly from Marin into a pre-existing spreadsheet.

An Introduction to Marketing Attribution: Selecting the Right model for Search, Display & Social Advertising

Trend and outlier analysis

Trend and outlier analysis

Visualize data with interactive charting

Optimizing for performance first requires the ability to identify trends and outliers. Marin’s interactive charts provide a visualization of performance, allowing marketers to efficiently extract insights from large data sets. Analyze and prepare insightful visual reports using line graphs, bar charts, scatter plots, bubble charts, or pie charts.

Dimension analysis

Dimension segmentation and analysis

Analyze data by custom categories

Business analysis often requires insight into performance by custom categories such as product line, geography, or brand. Marin Dimensions allow marketers to “tag” campaign elements for segmentation and analysis that reach beyond the constraints of publisher-defined campaign structure, providing the ability to easily categorize and compare data sets that matter most to a business. Dimensions can also be leveraged to construct an “intent taxonomy,” which can be used to organize visitors into valuable customer segments for retargeting.

Cross-channel analytics

Cross-channel analytics and attribution

Understanding interactions across channels

An exclusive focus on the “last click” ignores the reality of consumer behavior and can mislead analysis. Marin enables marketers to evaluate the click paths of individual consumers across marketing touch points, providing a more complete view of the online funnel and how various channels combine to drive conversions.