Health and Fitness Co

Case Study

    Santa Monica, CA
  • Marin Bidding Outperforms Google Smart Bidding by 50%
  • CPA lowered from $146/acquisition to $97/acquistion
  • Introduction

    A leading health and fitness company creates popular home workout routines and helps people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

    Since the search to find new people who want to change their bodies and their lives is never-ending, the company makes significant investments in sales and marketing. Search marketing on AdWords continues to be a rich source for finding new customers who have yet to adopt its products.

    The company partners with a search marketing agency to manage its digital marketing portfolio. And, it uses Marin Software as the platform to manage, measure, and optimize that portfolio.

  • The Challenge

    In 2017, Google rebranded as an “AI first” company. Unsurprisingly, they’ve been busy building novel machine learning algorithms for a variety of applications—from self-driving cars to AlphaGo.

    They also applied some of those learnings to their AdWords optimization product, “Smart Bidding.” When news broke on its Smart Bidding enhancement, the natural question most search marketers asked was, “Does it work?”

    The agency team was no exception. They wanted to run Smart Bidding through its paces, so they set up a performance benchmark that would compare Marin’s bidding capabilities against Google’s.

”This was a decisive Marin victory. We’re pleased with the outcome and will continue using Marin Software to optimize our search buys.”

  • The Test & The Results

    The agency ran a Google Experiment that tested Google Smart Bidding head-to-head against Marin Bidding. They ran the test for a full month to collect a statistically significant dataset. Marin Bidding outperformed Google Smart Bidding by 50%. In the experiment, the final observation was that Google’s Smart Bidding campaigns averaged a CPA of $145.55, while Marin’s campaigns averaged a CPA of just $96.84.