2014 Year in Review: Greatest Hits & Highlights

Maria Breaux
December 18, 2014

In our recent study of over 300 digital marketers, 75% said their job has become more complicated over the last year... and what a year it's been! We've seen big publisher changes, new ad types, shifting buying behaviors, and growing mountains of data. Add that to the proliferation of channels and devices, and it's clear that digital marketing has become undeniably complex.

However, it's also been exciting! Just consider how digital marketing has increasingly aligned with so many aspects of daily life - when we use a second screen while watching a big sporting event, when we hop onto Twitter to join a conversation, or when we are pleasantly surprised by a spot-on retargeting ad during our last-minute holiday shopping.

These are the kinds of things that have led marketers to rise to the challenge armed with data, tech, and smart people who innovate at all levels. Marin has been there throughout, with ongoing support and new features to help marketers achieve their goals. We hope you've had a happy and successful year, and invite you to take a quick trip down memory lane with the greatest hits and highlights from both Marin and the larger ad tech industry...

2014 Digital Marketing Highlights - Search, Social, & Display

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Now what about 2015? Drop us a line in the comments to share your predictions!

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