4 Ways to Improve Measurement and Targeting Through Data Onboarding

December 1, 2014

This is a guest post from Justin Schuster, VP of Marketing for LiveRamp.

Some of your most valuable marketing data lies within your CRM system, commerce platforms, and other customer databases. Through data onboarding, you can bring this data into your digital marketing applications and media platforms, which enables you reach customers with more relevant messages, justify budget increases, and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Data onboarding is the process of connecting your customer data to digital marketing applications and media platforms. A data onboarding service provider can import your customer data files, anonymize records to protect consumer privacy, and activate your data by distributing audience segments matched to online devices to various marketing applications for use.

Here are four ways you can improve measurement and targeting through data onboarding:

1. Offline Sales Measurement

When you can quantify the impact of your online campaigns on “offline” sales that take place in a store or over the phone, you gain a powerful business case for increasing your budget. Closed-loop analysis can also help you improve the performance of your campaigns by providing you with insight into which keywords have the biggest impact on offline sales.

2. Ad Suppression

Onboarding your customer data helps you to reach the right audience segment with the right message. When you have insight into which online devices represent customers vs. non-customers, you can remove your current customer base from your acquisition campaigns. This increases campaign efficiency and protects your customers from seeing ads with low relevance.

3. CRM Retargeting

Use your customer data files to define target audience segments based on demographics, contract dates, customer lifetime value, and other attributes. These data points can help you refine the timing of your campaign, creative, and bid strategy.

4. Multi-Channel Campaigns

The same audience segment can be onboarded into multiple marketing applications and media platforms. This enables you to generate incremental lift by executing integrated multi-channel campaigns that reach the same audience segment across search, email, display, direct mail, mobile, and other channels.

Download the 15 Minute Guide to Data Onboarding to learn more about the many ways that data onboarding services like LiveRamp can help you take action on anonymized customer data and get even more value from your digital marketing applications.

About the Author

Justin Schuster is VP of Marketing for LiveRamp, a leading provider of data onboarding services and a Marin Software partner. For more information, please visit www.LiveRamp.com.

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