8 Ways to #TweetSmarter for Direct Response

Maria Breaux
December 1, 2015

The beauty of direct response is that it’s specific, measurable, and trackable. And since it’s meant to drive people to immediate action, it pairs extremely well with the real-time nature of Twitter. So to all the direct response marketers out there, here are eight ways to improve your Twitter ad campaigns in 140 characters or less. (Copy and paste into Twitter to share with your network!)

1. Convey urgency. Encourage users to take action right away with
phrases: hurry, act fast, while supplies last, & limited time.

2. Highlight new items. Users look to Twitter to discover something
new, so showcase new trends, products, or services.

3. Don't be distracting. Avoid caps lock, @mentions, and
hashtags. While good for branding, these can be too distracting
for DR. #TweetSmarter

4. Keep things concise. Try some tweets as short as 40-60
characters. Research shows that’s a sweet spot for many
advertisers. #TweetSmarter

5. Test different CTAs. Twitter provides lots to choose from
including visit now, try now, view now, shop now, etc.

6. Experiment with different creative. Test product images,
lifestyle images, or images that depict the product in-use.

7. Segment by audience. Target existing & potential customers in
separate campaigns, then tailor images and creatives
accordingly. #TweetSmarter

8. Target by location. Use geo-targeting combined with location-
specific copy to increase relevance and drive engagement.

Bonus Marin Social Tips

9. Organize by objective. Take advantage of Marin Social’s unique
management hierarchy to group your campaigns by similar
characteristics, such as business objective. This works regardless
of social publisher (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) so you can
work toward a single goal.

10. Try dayparting. Strategically schedule the times you want to
engage with your audience, and use Marin Social to
automatically pause and unpause your ads accordingly.

These tips were inspired by Twitter’s recent webinar, Winning Tweets for Direct Response. For more ideas, download their handy guide or follow #TweetSmarter.

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