All About Ad Types

Maria Breaux
May 29, 2014

Marketers now have a dizzying array of advertising options at their disposal across all channels. There are search ads, Google PLAs, Bing Product Ads, News Feed Ads, Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, Promoted Pins, Promoted Tweets and Trends, banner ads, display ads, remarketing, retargeting, mobile, in-game, in-app, Reddit sponsored links, Gmail ads, video ads, and the list goes on...

While some of these are more established and mainstream than others, it's always a good idea to keep new ad types and formats on your radar. Here's a quick look at 4 clever types - old and new - that advertisers are currently having success with:

Pinterest - Promoted Pins

Pinterest started testing Promoted Pins in late 2013. They look just like regular pins, but with a special “promoted” label. About a dozen brands are participating in the beta including Old Navy, Target, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, ABC Family, Expedia and more. Pinterest promises Promoted Pins will be tasteful and relevant to users’ interests.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Tumblr - Sponsored Posts

Tumblr sponsored posts come in many varieties – mobile, web, Radar, and Spotlight. Companies can choose to use static images, GIFs, videos, or audio. These formats are highly engaging with a long shelf life. Sponsored content is noted with a small dollar sign icon at the top right of the post.

Tumblr Promoted Post

Facebook - News Feed

Facebook has provided advertising offerings since 2004, but in late 2012 they introduced a truly effective format - News Feed ads. On average, Facebook News Feed ads have a click-through rate 44x higher and a conversion rate 5x higher than right-side ads. This format has made for a more enjoyable user experience, on both desktop and mobile.

Facebook Mobile News Feed Ad

BuzzFeed - Promotion & Story Units

Advertisers on this social news and entertainment site frequently sponsor fun BuzzFeed stories and lists. Relevance is high and the content is ripe for social sharing. Popular sponsored lists have included "20 Things That Affirm Led Zeppelin Is The Greatest Band To Ever Exist" sponsored by Spotify, and "10 Reasons To Be Insanely Excited For Season Three of 'Girls'" sponsored by HBO.

BuzzFeed Advertising

Are you testing out any of these formats? Let us know how it's going in the comments!

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