Best Practices Take Flight: easyJet Case Study

Maria Breaux
April 21, 2014

Lots of Marin customers operate in challenging markets, and easyJet is a prime example. The largest airline in the United Kingdom, easyJet operates in the notoriously competitive travel vertical, where a multitude of airlines vie for the same keywords alongside travel comparison sites and tour operators. Keyword lists are continually growing, and bids must be carefully monitored.

easyJet faced the challenge by teaming up with Resolution Media and making great use of Marin Software. Our interface is designed to deliver ever-improving financial results even in the toughest markets. Take a look at how easyJet achieved their goals, and pick up some tips for your own campaigns:

Folder-based Bidding

  • Using the automated Folder-based bidding solution, Resolution Media is able to optimize at the keyword level. They segregate brand and generic terms, and set different performance targets to make the most of each keyword and achieve easyJet's goals. Keyword bids are calculated across all routes and updated daily.
  • Pro Tip: Use the time-savings you'll gain to fully test your campaigns, refine your strategy, or even leave the office a little earlier!

Marin Dimensions

Marin Software Dimensions

  • Resolution Media created a virtual reporting structure native to Marin Software that does not impact campaign structure, leaving the team free to adhere to campaign structure best practices and preserve Quality Score.
  • Pro Tip: Use Marin Dimensions to "tag" campaign elements for segmentation and analysis. Categorize and compare the data sets that matter most to your business.

User Journey Report

actionable recommendations Marin Software

  • Marin Software’s User Journey Report allows the team to understand which type of booking the keyword is actually driving. This facilitates ad copy and budget optimization, and also informs bid strategy in terms of knowing which routes need additional support.
  • Pro Tip: Turn to the User Journey Report for valuable insight on the best performing times of day and days of the week. Then put the insights into action with our day-parting functionality.

Since adopting Marin Software, Resolution Media and easyJet have seen significant improvements including 111% improvement in ROI, 51% decrease in cost per booking, and 29% increase in bookings. Learn more about their goals and success in the full case study.

Finally, thanks to Resolution Media and easyJet for allowing us to share their story!

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