Case Study: Path Interactive Increases Facebook Ads CTRs by 35%

Chad Schmidt
May 20, 2011

Today, we announced a brand new case study sharing how Path Interactive, a full-service online advertising agency, was able to increase click-through rates for Facebook Ads by 35% using Marin.

As most Facebook advertisers know, manually managing a large-scale Facebook Ad campaign can be difficult. Impression and click-through rates drop when user fatigue sets in, and advertisers need to consistently edit creative and modify bids to maintain performance. Path Interactive needed a solution to help alert them when CTRs decrease and to more efficiently edit ads to keep creative looking fresh.

Marin Software allowed the agency to automatically rotate in new creative when CTRs go down. With this feature, Path Interactive was able to save hours that they previously spent on uploading new images and editing ad copy. While improving CTRs for one retailer by 35%, they also increased the number of fans by 30%. Path was also able to reduce their cost-per-like by 30%. Congrats on the success, Path team!

Check out our case study here.

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