Casting a Wide (and Precise) Net: How MR PORTER used Partner Connect to Find Valuable New Customers

Maria Breaux
June 9, 2015

As the world’s top online destination for men’s luxury fashion, MR PORTER wanted to deliver a step change in their prospecting campaigns. Their goal was campaigns which would work harder to disrupt men’s purchasing habits and increase market share. MR PORTER leveraged Marin Display’s Partner Connect, an exclusive private audience network where marketers can find new customer prospects by connecting with other companies and publishers. Connecting with partners’ audiences resulted in highly relevant and targeted advertising to those second-party audiences on Facebook and across the Web.

Partner Connect allows MR PORTER to collaborate with premium publishers and designer brands to expand their reach to purely new customers. MR PORTER also use second-party signals to increase the creative relevance based on product category intent from the partner site.

Marin Software sat down with Matt Pollington, Senior Performance Strategist at MR PORTER, to talk about how Partner Connect helped them attract the right audiences and generate high-quality web traffic.

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