Crafting the Perfect Game Plan for Driving Facebook ROI

Kye Mou
June 21, 2013

When it comes to crafting a strategic game plan for your Facebook ad campaigns, Marin Software’s newest white paper makes for a great resource. Over the last two weeks, we've discussed how Facebook advertising can play a key role in any online marketing program and how success can be achieved by setting clear objectives. However, once you’re confident in the goals you've set, a strategy must still be put in place. You can map it out in many different ways, but be sure to assess and include your key business goals, campaign objectives, success metrics, and available brand assets.

Best Practices

  • Ensure that high-level stakeholders and media managers understand how your proposed Facebook investments and targeting strategies align with other company initiatives. You’ll want everyone to be on-board with your objectives and how you plan to meet them.
  • Consider a mix of ads (voice of your business), stories (voice of your customers), or a combination of both to communicate the right message to your audience.
  • Lay out your strategy and allow it to serve as a guide for your team. Refer back to it as you build, implement, and optimize your Facebook campaigns.

Sample Strategy:

Sample Facebook Ads Strategy Matrix

A well thought out strategy like the one above will give direction, ensure everyone’s on the same page, and provide a flexible reference guide that can be adjusted as a result of changes in business goals or requirements.

Next Week: Stay tuned for more Facebook tips and tricks in our blog series! Next week we’ll look at best practices for targeting your Facebook audience. If you enjoy this series and want to read more, click here to download our latest Facebook white paper “The Marketers’ Guide to Driving ROI from Facebook Advertising.”

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