Manage Facebook’s Mobile-Only Ads Using Marin Software

Kylee Hall
August 28, 2012

As a follow up to our blog post in June, I’m excited to announce that mobile-only ad targeting for Facebook is now available in Marin Software. Marketers now have the option to use placement targeting to position their Facebook ads either on the right-hand side of the page or within a user's news feed. This enhancement not only provides you with greater control over where ads appear on a Facebook page but also allows you to specifically target mobile users with Sponsored Stories.

Marin Facebook Placements Support

A recent study showed that users spend more time on Facebook Mobile than on the Facebook website; it would behoove marketers to begin focusing more of their online advertising dollars towards this growing mobile audience. Marin has built out this feature support understanding the inevitable shifts in Facebook advertising spend and the ways marketers manage their campaigns. We hope you find this new functionality beneficial to your Facebook program.

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