Feature Spotlight: Group-Level Mobile Bid Adjustment Recommendations

Kye Mou
August 5, 2013
matrix meme marin software mobile bid adjustments

When Google introduced campaign-level mobile bid adjustments with enhanced campaigns in February, advertisers were concerned with the potential loss of control and precision over mobile bids. To address this, Google announced in April the addition of group-level mobile bid adjustments. For advertisers with large-scale campaigns, this added functionality allows search marketers to set granular, group-level mobile bid adjustments based on varying performance by device.

Since Google’s update became available in May, Marin has been working to fully integrate this functionality into our patented bidding algorithm. Today, we’re excited to announce that Marin’s bid optimization solution will now calculate and recommend group-level mobile bid adjustments for enhanced campaigns. In addition to calculating keyword-level bids for desktop and tablet devices, Marin will also automatically calculate optimal mobile bid adjustments to maximize mobile performance based on user-defined key performance indicators (KPI). These recommendations are calculated on a nightly basis, where significant performance data is available. For advertisers looking to optimize their enhanced campaigns in a multi-device world, Marin provides you with the control and precision required to maximize mobile clicks, conversions, and revenue.

For more information on optimizing enhanced campaigns with Marin Software, please contact your Client Services representative or email us at info@marinsoftware.com.

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