Happy 5th Birthday, Instagram!

Maria Breaux
October 6, 2015

It’s hard to believe that, just five years ago, two 20-somethings launched a simple iPhone app called Instagram. Five years and a $1B acquisition later, Instagram is now a booming success as part of Facebook, imagining a world more connected through photos.

As Instagram turns five, digital marketers are witnessing a watershed moment for Instagram monetization. Instagram advertising is now open to all businesses large and small, in markets around the world. By expanding its offerings to all marketers and a variety of third-party platforms like Marin Social, Instagram is making a profound shift in its advertising model. In fact, by introducing this new and scalable way of selling advertising, Instagram is now predicted to drive one-tenth of Facebook’s mobile ad revenues by 2017.

This is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to reach a fast-growing and highly engaged community of over 400 million monthly active users. Use it to celebrate your brand, connect with high-value audiences, and drive real business results.

To learn more, visit Instagram for Business or contact Marin Social for help getting started.

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