How to Maximize Facebook Revenue with Mobile-Targeted Campaigns

Kye Mou
July 29, 2013

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Like a stake to the heart, your mobile-targeted Facebook campaigns should be precise and well-aimed.[/caption]

Do you scroll through your Facebook news feed over breakfast, or update your friends with a post during your commute using your mobile device? If you do, chances are you’re in good company. Today, more than 50% of Facebook users access the social media site using their mobile device. In Marin’s new white paper, “The Marketers’ Guide to Driving ROI from Facebook Advertising,” we discuss how this growth in mobile adoption is enabling social marketers to maximize Facebook advertising ROI with mobile-targeted campaigns.

First and foremost, it’s important to create separate campaigns for ads that target mobile devices and ads that target desktop devices. This standard best practice not only allows you to gain visibility into performance across devices, but also allows you to optimize Facebook ad creative to maximize performance by device.

Beyond Facebook’s basic ad formats, you may also want to consider mobile app install ads. Though this ad format is limited to businesses with downloadable Android or iOS apps, it provides marketers with a new and relevant approach to interacting with customers and a valuable stream of analytics data. Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to implement tracking for mobile conversions and revenue. Some third-party platforms offer sophisticated tracking solutions to help you make the most of your mobile-targeted Facebook campaigns.

Top Industry Tips:

  • Keep your mobile- and desktop-targeted ads in separate campaigns.
  • Since mobile ads have a lower CPC compared to desktop ads, consider creating a mobile campaign to drive more Fans and Likes at a lower cost-per-acquisition.
  • Mobile Facebook ads are shown exclusively in the news feed, so choose the timing of your ads wisely. Many users log into Facebook during their commute, so take advantage of this behavior and reach your target audience with an aggressive bidding strategy.
  • Make sure you are leading people to mobile-friendly landing pages! Facebook users are more likely to bounce if they are directed to a desktop-optimized landing page.
  • In many cases, engaging your users within the Facebook environment facilitates a more relevant experience that can lead to simple engagement conversions. • Use mobile app install ads to drive app downloads and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Track long-term Facebook engagements, sales, and revenue using an integrated tracking solution.

At the time of this writing, 23% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from ads targeted to mobile devices. We know that mobile usage will only continue to increase, so take the time to understand where mobile fits in your Facebook strategy.

Next Week: Stay tuned for more Facebook best practices in our weekly blog series! Next week we’ll discuss advanced bidding strategies for maximizing Facebook ad performance; or click here to download our latest Facebook white paper “The Marketers’ Guide to Driving ROI from Facebook Advertising.”

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