Marin Launches Labs with SmartGrid & PositionLock

Kye Mou
October 22, 2013

With more than $5 billion in ad spend managed on Marin’s platform, we work with our customers and partners to build powerful solutions that solve complex digital advertising challenges. Earlier this month we announced Marin Labs, a business solution that offers customers access to leading edge research and development, unconventional features, advanced partner integrations, and adaptive service offerings through a collaborative team of search, display, social, and mobile advertising experts. Two innovations that I’m especially excited about are Marin SmartGrid™ and PositionLock™.

Marin SmartGridTM for data that is always within reach

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Today, Marin’s platform supports 10 customers who manage over 100 million keywords, with one managing over 500 million keywords; and as our customers continue to grow, we continue to innovate. For over a year, Marin has been developing SmartGridTM technology, a highly responsive and scalable platform architecture that redefines the way advertisers interact with their data.

SmartGridTM significantly reduces the amount of computing resources and processing time to load, view, and take action on large datasets. Marketers will experience a faster, more agile user interface that supports:

  • More fluid numeric and text-based filtering for improved management by exception, Dimension tagging, and multi-editing
  • The new Campaign Navigator, providing improved "analytics to action" through an intuitive workflow for finding and selecting multiple campaign objects
  • Expedited one-time reports for faster at-a-glance reporting and analysis
  • A new, advanced and more intuitive calendar and date range selector
  • A searchable and more consolidated View Builder

If you’re a Marin user and are interested in leveraging this new technology, please contact the customer success team.

Secure your revenue and visibility with Marin PositionLock™

Marin Software, Marin Labs, SmartGrid, PositionLock, online advertising, sem, ppc

A patent-pending technology, Marin PositionLock™ is an automated bidding solution that enables search marketers to automatically adjust keyword bids intraday, in near real-time, as shifts in ad position are detected. Hourly position data is captured at the keyword level and analyzed based user-defined position goals. To achieve even the most aggressive goals, historical performance and auction conditions are continuously factored into hourly bid calculations, which are immediately pushed to the publisher. Integrated into Marin’s suite of enterprise-class optimization solutions, PositionLock™ provides advertisers additional control over revenue outcomes while giving them a leg up on their competition.

If you’re a Marin user and are interested in leveraging this new technology, please contact your customer success team.

Innovations That Matter

Since 2007, Marin has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering unique capabilities that enable the world’s most sophisticated advertisers to realize more revenue from their online and offline data and outperform their competition. Marin Labs was created as an environment to showcase some of that bleeding-edge innovation and provide early access to select customers in exchange for their candid feedback. We look forward to the ongoing collaboration with customers and partners. Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements in the weeks and months to come.

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