Marin & Marchex: Can you hear me now?

Gagan Kanwar
August 22, 2013
Marchex Marin partnership

Today we're excited to announce our newest certified partner, Marchex.

While Marchex has excelled in a number of important areas such as building a digital call-based marketplace and the Marchex Institute, which provides unique and compelling insights on how to optimize call-based conversions, our current integration with Marchex is around their call analytics and measurement products.

With this partnership, advertisers and agencies will be able to accurately and easily connect the dots between their digital advertising efforts and the resulting call-based conversions. Not only will joint customers know exactly when paid-search or display/social campaigns drove phone conversions, they'll also be able to track call revenue down to the keyword (or ad unit) and optimize their bids and budgets against the same.

We're delighted to welcome Marchex to the Marin partner ecosystem, and look forward to working closely and delivering incremental value and insights for our customers.

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