Marin in the News: A Look at Searchendising and Facebook Attribution

Greg Kunkel
September 21, 2012

Marin is incredibly excited about our recent mentions in several publications across the globe. Marketing Magazine in Australia ran a story featuring some of our mobile data; e-Marketing in France issued a piece on digital marketing agency 55 deploying Marin; and Adzine in Germany covered the growth of our office in Germany. Fantastic stuff! But what really caught our eye was an article in MediaPost and couple of stories on our customer Stylistpick.

MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan recently had a conversation with Marin’s VP of Marketing, Matt Lawson, during which they discussed the “Searchendising” trend—the idea of driving consumers to a merchandise specific page based off of product specific keywords and ad copy. Lawson described it as:

"Imagine rather than walking in the front door of a store, the consumer shows up in the sweater section and pays for the merchandise there.”

Searchendising will come into play more as search queries drive consumers to specific shopping outlets such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, etc. And ensuring search marketers are aligned with inventory will definitely be critical for success; hence Marin’s recent partnership with Mercent.

Lastly, we enjoyed reading about Stylistpick and their use of Marin in tracking Facebook conversions. Both CRM Magazine and New Media Age in the UK covered the case study. Prior to Marin, Stylistpick measured Facebook conversions with a last-click attribution model, which indicated they had a sub-optimal 3% conversion rate. Using Marin, Stylistpick was able to deploy a multi-click attribution model that exposed a 15% Facebook conversion rate. Based off this new insight, Stylistpick was able to better understand the relationship between search and social, and optimize their programs accordingly. Not too shabby, right?

Marin in the News CRM Magazine Stylistpick

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