Marin’s Enhanced Bidding Capabilities Maximize Revenue Outcomes

Maria Breaux
November 5, 2012

As online advertising budgets rise, marketers find it increasingly difficult to calculate bids across large-scale campaigns, account for conflicting business goals, and respond to seasonal and market shifts. To address these, Marin has made some significant enhancements to our patented bidding technology.

Through advanced execution techniques that include predictive analytics, KPI maximization subject to constraints, and adaptive learning methods, advertisers and agencies alike can now realize even more significant financial lift via Marin bid optimization. Specifically, our enhanced bid optimization capabilities enable marketers to maximize revenue outcomes such as clicks, revenues or profit while accounting for multiple business constraints such as spend targets and performance.

Marin Bidding and Forecasting UI

By design, Marin bidding preserves visibility and control for the marketer. Advertisers are able to define their own portfolios, set business goals and constraints, and build a forecast of bid outcomes. Using an interactive interface, marketers can now perform a “what-if” analysis to understand trade-offs between volume, cost, and profit associated with varying bid scenarios.

The enhancements to Marin bidding are available immediately for all Marin Enterprise users, enabling online marketers to maximize financial lift. Initial results have been very promising: 77% of users who have deployed the solution have seen financial lift above and beyond their previous results, with an average lift (measured by increase in clicks, conversions, revenue or profit) of 20% or more. As an example, Symantec, one of the world’s largest software companies, keys on revenue maximization and utilized Marin’s new bidding enhancements to increase ROAS by 67%.

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