Marin Software and Mercent Deliver Inventory-Driven Paid Search Campaigns

Gagan Kanwar
September 25, 2012

In the competitive and complex world of online advertising, retailers struggle to keep up with seasonal merchandise and ever-changing product catalogs. Products can go out of stock as quickly as new products get added. As such, marketers need to ensure that they always use the most recent product data when it comes to their paid search campaigns.

While Marin’s Dynamic Campaigns feature can help marketers keep SEM campaigns in sync with their product catalog, many retailers struggle with being able to provide a clean and reliable product feed. Our recent partnership with Mercent, a leading technology company that enables retailers to profitably reach and convert more shoppers online, helps solve this problem.

Mercent has developed a product feed that exactly matches Marin’s specifications. Joint customers can now easily and efficiently deploy inventory-based paid search campaigns using a product feed from Mercent and the Dynamic Campaigns capability from Marin. Along with this partnership, Mercent Performance Services (Mercent’s agency arm) will be using the Marin Software platform to manage search and social campaigns for several Mercent customers.

Marin and Mercent Cabela's Example

Cabela leverages Marin Software and Mercent to power inventory-driven paid search

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