Marin Software Introduces New Report Builder

Maria Breaux
October 1, 2012

Our customers tell us that one of the biggest benefits they get out of Marin Software is time savings. Online marketers need to quickly find the information they need to make good decisions and often need to share that information with colleagues in a way that’s easy to consume.

With our most recent product update, Marin has added the ability to create customized and pre-defined composite reports via the new Marin Report Builder. This tool was designed to help create high-level reports easily and efficiently in a format that is immediately ready for analysis and distribution. Best of all, it allow advertisers to visually construct composite reports, move around components and annotate sections, which makes the reports that much more relevant for their colleagues, managers or clients.

Marin prides itself on helping advertisers manage their large-scale campaigns by exception, allowing them to hone in on the highest-impact campaign elements and execute on their strategies quickly. Tools like Marin Report Builder continue in that tradition, eliminating time spent in spreadsheets and enabling marketers to make better decisions, faster. To see a demo of Report Builder in action, contact Marin Sales.

Report Builder for Marin Enterprise
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