SurveyMonkey Increases Customer Lifetime Value by 150% for Key International Campaigns

Kye Mou
January 24, 2013
SurveyMonkey Logo

Marin is excited to announce our recent case study with SurveyMonkey. We want to thank SurveyMonkey for allowing Marin to earn their business and share their success story with others. As the world’s leading provider of web-based survey solutions, SurveyMonkey provides businesses and organizations with quality data through a powerful solution for making smart and informed decisions.

Prior to using Marin, SurveyMonkey was challenged by a limited cost-per-acquisition model where all three of their professional account signups were treated equally, despite each having varying customer lifetime values (LTV). Furthermore, SurveyMonkey’s push to expand their business abroad was limited by language barriers, publisher reach, and the difficulty of copying campaigns, which span three business units, across multiple countries.

By identifying and optimizing high-value keywords based on geo-specific LTVs, Marin’s patented bidding algorithm increased SurveyMonkey’s overall LTV by 150% for key international campaigns. As a result, SurveyMonkey successfully doubled their spend internationally. With Marin’s Dimensions and AB Testing tool, they also reduced the amount of time spent on campaign management by 40%.

Congratulations to SurveyMonkey! We certainly hope there are more success stories like this one in the near future.

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