Vistaprint Observes 8% Growth and 40% Time Savings with Marin Software

Kye Mou
October 4, 2012
Vistaprint Logo

Marin is thrilled to announce our recent case study with Vistaprint. We want to start by thanking Vistaprint for allowing Marin to earn their business and share their success story with a broader audience. Operating over 25 localized websites and shipping to more than 130 countries, Vistaprint offers small businesses and consumers a broad selection of customized printed products for making impressions and expanding business.

Prior to using Marin, Vistaprint was challenged by their need to scale keyword expansion efforts across a large portfolio of products. Furthermore, they struggled to gain insights into product performance across multiple business segments and needed a solution that would allow them to bid effectively, unconstrained by account structure.

By leveraging a combination of Marin bidding and forecasting, Vistaprint achieved an 8% incremental increase in clicks while hitting revenue and margin targets. Using Marin Dimensions, web query reports and bulksheets, they also reduced the amount of time spent on campaign management and reporting by 40%.

Congratulations to Vistaprint! We certainly hope there are more success stories like this one in the near future.

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