Marin to Acquire Europe’s #1 Social Advertising Platform

Maria Breaux
February 5, 2015

Today we announced our agreement to acquire the #1 social advertising platform in Europe, SocialMoov.

Social is now the fastest-growing category in the digital advertising space and a vital part of any marketing mix. Acquiring SocialMoov propels our social offering forward, and fulfills our vision of providing the industry’s most powerful cross-channel advertising cloud.

With the addition of SocialMoov, we are excited to provide:

  • Twitter and Facebook campaign management in a single easy-to-use interface
  • Intraday reporting and optimization for immediate insights any time of the day
  • Optimization based on budgets, product feeds, and even TV flight schedules
  • Access to new features including Multi-Product Ads and Reach & Frequency Targeting
  • Flexible audience segmentation to understand performance across any attribute

We are thrilled to have the social experts at SocialMoov join Marin as we offer our customers a best-in-class search, display and social toolset. To better understand the powerful results possible when integrating your social advertising with your search intent data, please get your copy of the best practice guide The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Ads.

Since 2011, SocialMoov has grown to become an innovative social advertising platform boasting several accomplishments that can’t be overlooked. SocialMoov is a top-five global Facebook PMD, was the first European platform to develop Twitter support, and is the first to synchronize social advertising with TV ads – all undeniable achievements.

Marin customers will now be able to combine social campaign data with complementary data sets from their search and display campaigns, allowing advertisers to more accurately create, target, and convert audience segments across the web.

We are excited to continue to provide marketers a unified platform through which they can leverage the latest technological advancements in search, display and social advertising. If you want to learn more about how Marin can help you find and convert your highest value audiences across channels and devices, contact us.

You can also read more about today’s news in the press release and our SocialMoov acquisition FAQ, or check out this video.

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