Maximize Your ROI from the Web's Most Popular Destination

Maria Breaux
November 13, 2013

By now, you've probably heard about the explosive growth in Facebook’s user base and how this has create new opportunities for advertisers. Facebook has over 1.15 billion monthly active users. A whopping 58% of users return to Facebook daily, and there are 3.2 billion likes and comments made every day around the world. With all this traffic and engagement, Facebook is the web's most popular destination.

These facts show that Facebook is an online force not to be overlooked. And advertisers are clearly getting the memo! There are now more than 1 million active advertisers on Facebook, many of them generating returns up to five times greater than the online average.

Still, Facebook advertising presents a challenge to even the most seasoned digital marketer. That's where Marin can help! We are a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, and the only solution that allows advertisers to optimize towards any social or financial objective, from any data source, using a predictive Facebook bidding algorithm. We also have social experts on hand and ready to help you meet your Facebook advertising goals.

Here's a sneak peak at Facebook advertising with Marin:

For more information, visit our website. Also make sure to register for our free webinar to learn 7 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising ROI. Don't delay - the webinar is tomorrow, and you're sure to leave with some great takeaways.

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