Revenue Acquisition Management: The Category That Matters to CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs

Kye Mou
February 4, 2013
Revenue Acquisition Management RAM 2013

More than ever, digital advertisers are increasingly responsible for revenue outcomes. Marin Software commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting between September and December 2012 to examine the challenges and opportunities advertisers experience with their online advertising programs. The Forrester Consulting survey* found 83% of marketing respondents are already held accountable for revenue outcomes, and 79% say that driving revenue is a primary objective for their online initiatives.

However, without ample visibility into key performance metrics or integrated optimization tools, many online marketers encounter challenges when driving revenue outcomes. As a result, leveraging an advanced ad management platform can help advertisers scale complex programs, offload operational headaches, and improve program performance.

Revenue Acquisition Management (RAM) solutions allow marketers to manage the complexity of advertising across multiple channels, publishers, geographies, languages and devices. RAM platforms also provide advertisers complete visibility and control over their programs, and help them optimize campaigns to meet desired revenue goals.

“Revenue accountability for online advertisers is not a future state, it is happening now and marketers using revenue acquisition management platforms are better positioned to win the battle.” - David Pann, General Manager, Search Network, Microsoft Corp.

Find out why the ability to acquire revenue through digital channels is the strategic agenda for marketers.

*Revenue Outcomes Matter To Online Advertisers, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Marin Software, January 2013

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