Search & Social Score Big at World Cup

Maria Breaux
June 30, 2014

If your office is anything like ours, you've been tuning in for some very exciting World Cup games. We've seen crazy fans, incredible level of play, and even an unfortunate chomp to the shoulder. Through all this, hopefully you've been paying attention to your digital strategy, because it turns out that the World Cup has had a huge impact on consumer behavior. Let's take a closer look...


  • There are already more social media posts about the 2014 World Cup than the 2010 World Cup. Pretty crazy, considering this milestone was achieved even before the group stage actually began.
  • Facebook CTR increased over 300% when compared to the same period last year, signaling increased engagement and targeted ads.
  • Facebook CPC has also been trending upwards, growing 11% since the beginning of the month when compared to May 2014. During the same period last year, CPC actually fell between May and June.

Twitter hashtag flags


  • Search CTR has increased by 22% since the World Cup started. This is in stark contrast to May and June of 2013, when CTR actually dropped.
  • CPC has also gone up 9.5%, with increased competition to capture consumer interest during event. CPC remained constant in May and June of last year.

Google World Cup doodle

Once the tournament moves to the single-elimination stage, there’s no doubt that more and more eyes will be on the screen. We'll all be searching and posting as we wait to see who will become the next world champion!

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