Increases ROAS by 43% and Reduces Time Spent Optimizing Creative by 50% with Marin Software

Kye Mou
October 29, 2012 Logo

Marin is delighted to announce our new case study with We would like to thank ServiceSeeking for allowing Marin to earn their business and share their success story with a broader audience. As Australia’s largest online marketplace for household trades and services, ServiceSeeking has helped over 500,000 customers get quotes and compare prices from local business, like plumbers, contractors and electricians.

Prior to using Marin, ServiceSeeking was challenged by the limitations of their cost-per-acquisition model. They needed a solution that could attribute revenue to each click and conversion, and optimize bids to maximize revenue, even on keywords with limited historical data. Furthermore, due to the size of their industry specific campaigns, they struggled to generate, test and optimize creative across multiple publishers.

By leveraging Marin’s patented bidding algorithm, ServiceSeeking increased their ROAS by 43% while increasing conversions by 16%. Using Marin’s A/B testing capabilities, they’ve also reduced the amount of time spent on creative testing by 50%.

Congratulations to ServiceSeeking! We certainly hope there are more success stories like this one in the near future.

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