Stop Guessing - Marin Software Now Optimizes Your Google RLSA Campaigns

Maria Breaux
May 14, 2014

Google launched Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) in June 2013, giving advertisers the opportunity to remarket to potential lost conversions across the Google search and display networks. For the first time, search marketers could reap the retargeting campaign benefits that display advertisers had been employing for the past few years.

We previously shared some strategies for driving successful Google RLSA campaigns, such as increasing bids for searchers who’ve previously visited your site based on the assumption that they will be more likely to convert. However, the continuing unanswered question has been what your bid adjustment should be in order to engage your search audience. Is a +10% bid adjustment appropriate? +25%? +50%? Or if you were to take that question one step further, what is the optimal bid adjustment on your RLSA campaigns in order to maximize ROI?

Manage Your RLSA Campaigns within Marin Software

We can help answer that question now. We’re excited to announce that Marin Software is the first digital marketing management platform supporting Google RLSA. This means you’ll be able to take the remarketing audiences and campaigns that you’ve set up in Google AdWords, and then import and sync them with the Marin Platform to take advantage of our bid optimization features. So instead of arbitrarily deciding how to boost bids for your RLSA campaigns, you can set them up to be algorithmically optimized to drive increased ROI.

Set Your RLSA Campaigns Up For Success

When setting up your RLSA campaigns in Google AdWords, we recommend cloning your existing groups or campaigns and then adding your retargeting lists to those groups using a Target & Bid setting. This allows you to track performance and optimize these groups at the keyword level. It also enables you to customize your ad copy for your retargeting groups so you can drive them further down the conversion funnel.

To get started with Google RLSA on Marin, contact your Customer Engagement Manager to enable the feature for your account.

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