The 6 Scariest Social Advertising Mistakes on Facebook

Maria Breaux
October 31, 2013

Yes, the holiday season is right around the corner, but it would be a shame to skip over Halloween! With that in mind, we reveal the 6 Scariest Social Advertising Mistakes we see online marketers make on Facebook.

These mistakes are easy to fix, so grab a bag of candy corn and read on:

The 6 Scariest Social Advertising Mistakes on Facebook:

  1. Not splitting up campaigns that target multiple devices. For example, if you're targeting mobile and desktop users, you should have two separate campaigns so that you can see which device delivers the best performance.
  2. Spamming your fan base with promotional posts. Regularly trying to sell fans on various products or promotions is likely to decrease your page’s fan base. Don’t be entirely self-promotional. Instead, aim to foster a community of users and post information that they will enjoy.
  3. Failing to rotate out creatives. Facebook ads tend to go stale over time, plus your target market can become immune to a certain ad after viewing it multiple times. Make sure to regularly rotate creatives to keep things fresh.
  4. Failing to include a call to action in ads that are intended to drive offsite clicks. Just including a link does not spur users to click on it. If possible, give the user a good reason to navigate off Facebook and onto your site.
  5. Running unpublished page post ads with low quality images. Unpublished page post ads run in the new feed and take up more real estate, so do not include a grainy image. Rather, use a high-quality image with an organic feel or eye-catching content.
  6. Not leveraging internal e-mail lists of prospects, cold leads, or customers who have not purchased recently. Make sure to coordinate internally to see if there are existing e-mails lists that you can use for custom audience targeting. Marin Software clients have reported lower CPLs from campaigns targeting custom audiences vs. general targeting.

For more Facebook tips, check out our recent content on Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook ROI. And have a very happy Halloween, everyone!

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