The Dust Settles: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Roundup

Maria Breaux
December 7, 2015

Once again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, signaling the official beginning of the holiday season. We recently discussed how Cyber Monday outperformed Black Friday in 2014, forecasting similar behavior this year. How exactly did Black Friday and Cyber Monday pan out?

Using the same methodology, we looked at how close our predictions were.


Clicks Increase by 185%, Spend Over 200%

This Black Friday (November 27th) clicks hit 185% of the November monthly average, and spend reached over 200%. This resulted in 210% more conversions on Black Friday than on any other average day in November. This is huge for retailers, but was it enough for Black Friday to stay ahead of Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday Conversions Up 270%

Cyber Monday showed huge spikes this year, with clicks and spend 220% and 280% higher than the November average, respectively. Conversions were 270% higher as well. This, combined with what we saw last year, means Cyber Monday really has become the new king of post-Thanksgiving shopping holidays for online retailers. The numbers will no doubt play out even more dramatically in 2016.

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