the7stars Migrate to Enhanced Campaigns: A Success Story

Rebecca Momberg
June 17, 2013
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Enhanced campaigns are talk of the town, no matter which town you’re in; today’s blog post tells the story of how one London-based independent media buying agency, the7stars, successfully migrated to enhanced campaigns using Marin Software.

When Steve Wright, Head of Biddable Media, first heard about Google’s enhanced campaigns he was concerned about the amount of work that would be required to migrate and also the potential impact on performance. He was, however, excited about the enhancements that would streamline workflows across multiple devices and the ability drive incremental revenue for their clients with increased visibility across all devices.

For Steve and the team at the7stars, knowledge is king and they spent time learning as much as they could about enhanced campaigns, including reading Marin’s white paper, listening to our webinar and most importantly documenting a migration plan with Marin’s Client Services team. The migration plan included: identifying parent and sibling campaigns to be merged, updating all URLs to include the {device}, {ifmobile}, and {ifnotmobile} ValueTrack parameters, calculating mobile bid adjustments, and deciding when to push the migration live based on each client’s marketing schedule.

The actual migration involved no campaign down time or loss in tracking and was completed in less than a day. Most importantly Steve and the team report that migrating was stress free and easy to implement. In other words, they never once lost focus on their ultimate goal of helping their clients succeed! Steve and his team are now busy monitoring performance and refining their strategy. We look forward to hearing their findings in a few weeks' time.

Launched in 2005, the7stars is a London-based media buying agency, clients include Suzuki, Pizza Express and CityJet. Steve Wright is a seasoned media professional with a keen interest in digital technologies and their application.

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