Twitter Retargeting Strategy for Online Retailers

Brenda Ton
July 24, 2014

If you have an online store, you know it's difficult to bring back visitors to your website. With 67% of shoppers abandoning their shopping carts, retailers need to be creative and constantly remind their users to come back to complete their purchases. Web retargeting has helped solve some of these problems but with customers switching back and forth from desktop to mobile devices and spending time on various channels, it makes it even more complicated to retarget visitors effectively. In early June, Twitter Retargeting officially rolled out their first-party remarketing feature using a website pixel to allow the retargeting of your website visitors with customized ads when they are checking updates on Twitter. With 255 million monthly active users, there's a good chance that your customers may be on Twitter.

Here are four Twitter retargeting strategies you may want to consider for your online store:

  1. 1. Specific Promotions: Determine what pages you want to tag by thinking of your site taxonomy or structure. If you divide your shop into sections or categories, you can be more specific with the ad copy and tailor it to your visitor's interests. For example, if you are a retailer focused on apparel, you may want to create a separate tag on Twitter for shoes, jewelry, shirts, sweaters, and so on individually. By doing this, you will retarget to those who are most interested in the topic they browsed and offer them a related message to that category of interest, such as a year end blowout sale on shoes that you want to promote or a 20% off on all sweaters.
  2. 2. Loyalty Shopper Upsell: When a shopper completes a purchase, there is an opportunity to have them return to your store again. Tag the purchase confirmation page, the page that the user hits after they checkout, and retarget these customers who have made a purchase with an ad to incentivize them to come back. For example, if you have a new line of products they may be interested in checking out, or offer them an exclusive promotion code like "Thanks for shopping at Teddy's Candy Shop. Use code CANDYISCOOL for 15% off your next purchase. Expires 7/15".
  3. 3. Cart Abandoners: The ability to create a rule to retarget shoppers who have abandoned their carts is not currently possible because Twitter doesn't allow for rules-based retargeting. If you have a high shopping cart abandonment rate, it may be worth tagging the shopping cart page and marketing to them with a general message to get them to come back to your site in hopes of a lift in conversions and decrease in cart abandonment.
  4. 4. Expand Reach by Targeting Similar Users: Use your retargeting lists to find similar users aka lookalikes that shop at your store and market to them. This is a powerful tool to find new customers who will most likely be interested in your store. You can do this by selecting your web visitors list and clicking on the box that says "Expand reach by targeting similar users".

You can log into Twitter Ads or use Perfect Audience to kick off your campaigns with a free $100 credit! Is there another strategy that has worked well for you?If so, please share in the comments section below. Happy Retargeting!

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