US Paid Search Trends - January through March 2011

Gagan Kanwar
April 19, 2011

The first quarter of 2011 unveiled several important paid-search trends. From stronger click through rates (CTR) to higher click volumes, a review of the period between January and March 2011 shows healthy growth from the same period in 2010. With advertisers increasing their reliance on paid search and consumers showing a greater appetite to click on sponsored ads, our findings indicate that search engine marketing will likely continue its strong streak through the rest of 2011.

Here at Marin, we recently concluded a study of key paid-search metrics and trends during the first quarter of 2011. Our findings, which are presented in this Research Brief, will help you understand the overarching trends in the US paid-search market, as well as, specific insights about your industry...

By downloading this Research Brief, you’ll come away with specific insights on:

  • What are the emerging trends in the US paid-search market
  • How did paid-search metrics, such as cost and clicks, change on a quarterly and annual basis
  • What are the average cost-per-click (CPC) and typical click-through rates (CTR) for a given industry

Overall Changes in Paid Search Metrics - Q1 2011
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