Visualize Data with Enhanced Charts

Kye Mou
January 30, 2012

Marin just released its next generation of visualization tools, allowing marketers to quickly spot outliers and trends in data, adding snazzy visuals to PDF reports or for inclusion in performance dashboards. With different chart types to choose from, here are some ways to use each new charting option: Scatter, Bubble, and Pie charts.

Scatter charts help you identify a relationship between two metrics and visualize correlations. Have you found a correlation between average position and click-through rate? We have seen that ads shown directly above organic search results have significantly higher click-through rates than ads that show up on the right side of search results. By identifying these relationships, you can bid to position more strategically, using Marin’s Bid Override to Position.


Bubble charts are similar to scatter charts, but also allow you to plot a third metric (bubble size) to highlight the prominence of that data point. One popular way to use bubble charts is to visualize creative by click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate and clicks, shown below. This bubble chart helps online marketers identify ad creative that have high CTR and low conversion rate, exposing good opportunities for creative testing. In the example below, the largest bubble in the upper-left quadrant represents an enormous opportunity for testing, as shown by the size of the bubble (clicks).

Marin- Creative Summary

Pie charts allow you to compare the magnitude of one metric across a few items. You may want to compare cost, conversions, profit, or return on investment across all publishers. These types of pie charts are extremely handy when identifying the publisher that is most profitable and where to allocate your ad spend.

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