Why You Should Be Using Bing Shopping Campaigns Right Now: Part Two

Maria Breaux
December 21, 2015

This is the second and final post of a series on Marin’s newly released support of Bing Shopping Campaigns.

In our last post, we discussed how and why you should be using Bing Shopping Campaigns to expand audience reach and improve the user experience. This time around, we focus on ease of implementation and optimization opportunities.

It’s easy to implement so you can get started right away

If you’re a retailer who advertises on search, chances are you fall into one of two categories – you’re a new customer who currently runs legacy Bing Product Ads, or you aren’t.

Bing has developed tools and functionality for both advertiser groups to streamline the setup process – everything from feed integration to campaign creation – in order to shorten your time to value and help you see results from Bing Shopping Campaigns relatively quickly.

For current advertisers: simple steps for converting your legacy Product Ads to Bing Shopping Campaigns

1. First, upload your product feed to the Bing Merchant Center. Be
aware that no changes are needed to your Bing Merchant Center
Store. Also note that feed requirements for Bing Shopping
Campaigns are slightly different than those for Product Ads
campaigns, as shown in the charts below charts and also covered
in the Bing Help Center.


2. Create a new Bing Shopping Campaign and Ad Group.

3. Map Product Filters at the Campaign level to determine which
products can appear as Product Ads. Note that traditional Product
Ads campaigns allowed multiple filters to be created, whereas
Shopping Campaigns limit the filters to one per campaign. If you
have multiple filters on the Product Ads campaigns, consider
splitting them into multiple Shopping Campaigns if you don’t want
to modify the filters. Make sure to map the filters to those that
Shopping Campaigns supports.

4. Set a Campaign Priority. Either pause the corresponding Product
Ads campaign or choose a Medium or High Priority for the
Shopping Campaign to make sure it runs instead of the Product
Ads campaign.

Tip: If you’re also running existing Product Ads Campaigns and to ensure your new Bing Shopping Campaigns run, set the priority of your new campaign to Medium or High.

5. Finally, convert existing Product Ads Campaigns to Bing
Shopping Campaigns. Like Product Ads Campaigns, an ad group
needs to be created. No changes are needed, but if you’re
splitting your traditional Product Ads campaigns into multiple
Shopping Campaigns, you may need to re-organize ad groups.

Tip: To help with the legacy Product Ad Campaign conversion process, Bing has created an easy-to-use campaign conversion tool. If you’ve been struggling to find time to upgrade to Shopping Campaigns, this tool is designed to make your life easier.

You can find the Product Ads conversion tool in the Bing Ads management interface – go to the header at the top of Bing Ad, click Tools, then click Convert Product Ad campaigns. For more information, read these instructions for converting Product Ads Campaigns to Bing Shopping Ads.

For new advertisers: simple steps for creating a Bing Merchant Center store, setting up a new Shopping Campaign, and linking it to your Bing Merchant Center store

1. In Bing Webmaster Tools, claim the domain.

2. In the Bing Merchant Center, create a store.

3. Upload your product feed.

Tip: If you’re already advertising on Google Shopping Campaigns, Bing makes it easy to import Google Shopping Campaigns into your Bing Ads account. Once set up, Bing Shopping Campaigns are easy to manage as the structure and capabilities are consistent across ad platforms.

4. Create Bing Shopping Campaigns or import existing Google
Shopping Campaigns through the Bing UI using the steps
outlined in the chart below.


5. For more information and step-by-step instructions, visit
Bing’s Help Center.

Marin Search can help you optimize and scale your Bing Shopping Campaigns program

With the release of our Bing Shopping Campaign support, retail advertisers using Marin Search now have an opportunity to automate and optimize their Bing advertising programs at scale and reach more interested buyers. The new functionality includes:

  • Streamlined campaign management. For new Bing Shopping Campaigns advertisers, manually creating and launching new campaigns can be a time consuming and error prone process. Through bulk campaign and ad creation, editing, and URL handling, Marin Search helps advertisers get started and make important edits on their Bing Shopping Campaigns so they can do more in less time.
  • Open revenue integration. Most sophisticated retail advertisers use one or more analytics or attribution systems to measure performance. Unfortunately, many campaign management platforms limit retail advertisers by requiring them to use their proprietary tracking options. Built on an open platform, Marin Search allows Bing Shopping advertisers to measure, manage, and optimize against the metrics and data source of their choice, allowing for improved insights and decision making.
  • Cross-publisher reporting and insights. For most retail advertisers, monitoring and measuring performance across all their top search engine publishers is paramount to making informed decisions. Marin Search captures and displays performance insights for both Bing and Google Shopping Campaigns all within the same flexible, easy-to-use reporting interface. Using Marin Search, Bing Shopping advertisers can measure performance across Bing and Google and make smarter, publisher-agnostic decisions, ultimately leading to better overall search advertising performance.
  • Advanced bid optimization. With potentially hundreds of performance variables to consider, optimizing Bing Shopping Campaigns is a near impossible task when done manually. Marin Search offers flexible, transparent bid automation that allows retail advertisers to achieve the business goal of their choice for Bing Shopping Campaigns. Best of all, Marin Search’s bidding algorithm is uniquely designed to account for data sparsity by sharing performance data across similar Bing and Google product group clusters.

To find out more about how Marin Software can help you implement a shopping campaign strategy, contact us today.

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