With 5 Months of Consecutive Growth, PLA CTR Up 19% Year-Over-Year

Kye Mou
August 27, 2013

From October through December 2012, when Google first transitioned shopping results in the US, PLAs experienced an almost exponential growth in impressions and clicks. Since then, retailers have continued to embrace the richer and more engaging ad experience, providing online shoppers with highly relevant creative that include product details, images, and price.

To help search marketers prepare for this holiday season, Marin has released a report, “Google Shopping Ads: Product Listing Ads Deliver for Retailers.” This annual report examines the continued surge in PLA adoption and spend, and presents four critical best practices for successfully deploying, managing, and optimizing PLA campaigns in Q4.

PLA CTR online shopping impressions clicks

Highlights from this report include:

  • The share of PLA impressions stalled and dipped in 2013, decreasing 2% in June and 13% in July compared to January 2013
  • PLA CTRs have remained higher than standard text ads since November 2012; they were a record 21% higher in June and July 2013
  • PLA CTRs increased 19% year-over-year in July 2013 and have increased each month since February
  • PLA CPCs soared 34% compared to January 2013 to an all-time high in June

Download the complete 8 page report, “Google Shopping Ads: Product Listing Ads Deliver for Retailers”, here.

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