Breaking the Silos: Why you should own your marketing data
Supermetrics / Snowflake


What should I collect?

  • Where is the most money going?
  • What is the problem that I have that I am struggling with?
  • Start with the easier stuff, the lower-haning fruit?
  • Get as much data as possible (shocking!)

What are the key questions your facing clients?

  • How do we get enough data into a data warehouse to be able to look at historical data from Universal Analytics?
  • What data points are required for attribution model?
  • Hard to do in Looker Studio, Sheets/Excel
  • Budget Pacing: How should I spend the $50K budget and how do I pace that budget

What should we do with GA data?

  • Archive it. Google’s not going to keep it. 

How do I get started?

  • Pick your platforms (eg super metrics, snowflake)
  • Make sure you have a tool that can collect data from all data sources
  • Make sure it will stand the test of time (scale, privacy, etc)

Supermetrics Demo

Setting up a transfer. Data points, schema, accounts


Have standard schemas and custom schema

Can make API calls to the data source and review the results. Can transform the data with custom tols.

  • They use a campaign naming structure: Funnel stage, Product, Objective Region
  • Support lookups with custom fields with lookup tables

Custom Fields

Lots of options with custom fields

Snowflake Data

Can create views in snowflake to limit data to a specific client (in the agency use case)

Dashboard in Looker Studio

Uses native snowflake to looker studio

Snowflake marketplace has all kinds of data enhancement and tools to work with you data. 

More than 100K rows in the Looker Studio is challenging. Snowflake accelerates the performance of the dashboard with pre-aggregation

CTA using a Poll

Audience Q&A

How long does it take to get up and running?

  • It varies
  • Supermetrics implementation is “set and forget”
  • 1 week - 6-8 weeks depending on complexity

What is Supermetrics?

  • Currently: 
  • We are the best people on the planet getting data from point A to point B
  • We keep the connectors up to date
  • We are a firehose between data sources or destinations
  • We will look different in 12 months (no additional details)

Do you have templates?


Can you track users across sessions?

Snowflake has identity resolution offered by Liveramp and others.

Session Feedback

  • 25 minute Q&A with no slides
  • Then diving into Supermetrics demo