The Marketing Singularity: LLMs and the End of Marketing as You Know It
Trust Insights (Christopher Penn)

Key Takeaways

  • You will get better results if you can give them more relevant information. Up to a page of text can provide a lot more detail.
  • This is going to be built into the products that we use every day.
  • When using LLMs, you become a software developer, giving instructions to a machine to do something
  • Unbranded search will go away as people adopt these tools
  • Antidotes: Brand, Publication, Community
  • Multimodal is the watchword for the next year


  • LLMs are all based on understanding words related to other words and creating the probabilities for the next word. 
  • The number of parameters is just the number of probabilities for the next word
  • Examples:
  • Write a YouTube prompt
  • Do a personality test based on someone’s writing
  • Feed the reviews people have left reviews to use the voice of the customer to develop compelling social media content
  • Meeting notes and action items from a call
  • Rewrite a legal contract
  • Antidotes to SEO going away
  • Build your brand. People need to ask for you by name. Think about the world before search enginges. Brand
  • You need a publication of some kind that is not disintermediated by AI
  • Need a community that allows you to stay in touch with your audience
  • Slack of Discord (if your audience is under 35)
  • What jobs are going go away
  • You need to have skills with AI tools
  • We need more editors, not creators of the first draft.
  • Transformer model architecture: