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We live in a digital-first economy, where nine out of 10 people perform research online prior to purchase. This stunning statistic begs the question, where are all of these people searching for their products?

The answer may surprise you.

There’s more than one correct explanation. Google is one, while Bing and Amazon are the others. Bing in particular is interesting, because it gets six billion monthly searches. And of those, there are 725 million retail queries, performed by 90 million people. You may wonder, how is Bing capturing the attention of 90 million shoppers every single month?

Tap Into Bing’s Untapped Audience of 56M

Little known fact—Bing is religiously focused on its distribution strategy. By cutting deals to power search for many well-known consumer brands, Bing has steadily grown its market share and audience value.

One distribution deal in particular stands out from the rest. Bing is the default search engine on Apple iOS. A quick history lesson is in order. When Apple “Maps” replaced Google Maps as the default navigation app for iOS in 2012, it was met with widespread animosity. Fast-forward to today, when Apple Maps is now well-loved, and used 3x more than Google Maps. It appears a similar phenomenon is happening with search on iOS, where Bing search is capturing far more attention from this valuable audience.

The moral of the iOS, Google Maps, and Bing story—56 million people who search for products can’t be reached on Google.

The Bing Shopping Opportunity for Retailers

Here at Marin Software, we’re in the business of increasing our customer’s ROAS. And, we think Bing presents one of the most compelling investment opportunities for retail marketers in today’s online environment. In tests performed from January to February of this year, a retail marketer that enabled Bing Shopping Ads saw a 34.9% increase in conversions.

How was this possible?

The short answer—competition for Bing Shopping Ads isn’t yet mature, with around 40% penetration among retail advertisers. It’s unlikely this opportunity will persist, so we encourage you to give Bing Shopping a try.

If you’d like to learn more about how Marin Software can quickly get your AdWords campaigns (and your Google Merchant Center feed) on Bing Shopping today, contact us now.

Click here to check out our Best Practices Guide for Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Click here to check out our Best Practices Guide for Bing Shopping Campaigns.

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