Criteo Commerce

Access retail media at hundreds of major retailers through MarinOne.



Marin Software customers now have another tool to drive eCommerce performance with the recent integration of Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform. Criteo leverages commerce data and intelligence so advertisers can deliver relevant ads to the right audience at the right time.

Increase Conversions with Marketing Solutions

Criteo’s Marketing Solutions enable display ads across thousands of the best publishers on the open web. Using data insights, brands can leverage dynamic retargeting to engage shoppers across publishers, deliver tailored display ads, and bring shoppers back to your site to purchase.

Own the Digital Shelf with Retail Media

Criteo’s Retail Media solutions give brands the ability to execute retail advertising campaigns at scale, promoting your products on hundreds of the world’s leading retailer websites and connecting with high-intent shoppers at the digital point of sale.

MarinOne + Criteo

With access to Criteo’s full suite of Commerce Media products, MarinOne helps you manage, measure, and optimize campaigns against the world’s latest set of commerce data. And the MarinOne platform unifies commerce advertising with paid search and paid social campaigns to measure holistic, cross-channel performance all in one place.

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