Marin Social vs Power Editor

Marin Social provides features above and beyond standard Power Editor tools


Managing social media ads can be a very manual and time-consuming task, especially when you're handling large buys across many objectives, publishers, and channels. Facebook's Power Editor is an excellent tool for digital marketers who are just starting to clone campaigns, implement naming conventions for clean reporting, and understand how different bid types impact performance. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we've built an innovative platform and provide services above and beyond what Facebook gives you out of the box. The following comparison chart breaks down how Marin Social stacks up against Power Editor across five primary categories. There are many Facebook Marketing Partners out there, but very few offer the capabilities across search and social publishers like Marin.



Power Editor

Marin Social

Campaign Management

Supported Channels Facebook, Instagram Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Search to Social Dynamic Product Ad Creation $
Auto-Split Audience Targeting Across Ad Sets
Preview Multiple Ads Concurrently
Macro URL and Campaign Name Builder
Bulk Campaign and Ad Creation and Editing
Audience Creation and Management Facebook Custom Audiences Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, Interest Clusters, Location Clusters, Audience Manager

Reporting and Analytics

Pivot Reporting in the UI
Configurable, Real-Time Action Reporting
Advanced R & F Comparison Graphs
Shareable Reporting Views
Support for All Conversion Types
Data Passback / Reporting API $
Visitor Analytics
Attribution Modeling

Automated Optimization

Bid Optimization Triggers
Creative Optimization
Message Booster - Amplifying Organic Posts Manual Automated
Algorithmic Budget Optimization
Bid Portfolio Mapping n/a n/a
Frequency Capping
Contextual Data-Based Optimization $

Data Integration

Marin Smart Tag
Product Feed Management Across Channels $
Number of Data Integrations Allowed n/a 1
Supported Data Integration Options Publisher Tracking Over 50 additional integrations
(view them here)


Online Customer Help and Training Portal
Onboarding Services
Email-Based Support
Phone and Chat Support
Performance Reviews
Assigned Customer Engagement Manager
Managed Services Package (Optional) $

= Standard feature $ = Additional fees apply

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