Get more from your e-grocery advertising

The fight for shelf space has moved online. Grocery buying is driven by habit, getting in front of customers at the moment of purchase is essential. 

Advertising on Instacart and other marketplaces is a requirement for brands. Read on to learn how to improve the performance of your e-grocery advertising campaigns.

Upgrade Your Tools

MarinOne complements the publisher campaign managers, helping you better analyze, automate and optimize grocery campaigns across Instacart, Amazon, Criteo and Citrus Ads.


Simplify Reporting & Analysis

Use alerts, insights, and dashboards to see how your CPG inventory is doing in all the different marketplaces you advertise. Our BI solution is perfect for quick executive views that will give you an edge on your competitors.

Unlock Opportunities

Identify opportunties for growth and efficiency improvements with MarinOne's Automated Insights.

Improve Performance with Automated Bidding

With Marin’s machine learning-powered technology, your bidding strategies will perform at their peak on each retail marketplace. Our close partnership makes the MarinOne and Instacart platforms work together seamlessly and efficiently, saving you time.

Coordinate with other publishers

Map your marketing to different stages of the customer journey effectively and quickly. Coordinate your marketplace ads with other marketing channels like paid search and social to be as responsive as possible in your optimization efforts.

Set up time with one of our e-grocery advertising experts to learn more.