Marin Software Publishes Playbook on Creating Effective Cross-Channel Ad Campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA July 27, 2017 — Today, Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), a leading provider of cross-channel, cross-device, enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies, released a guide for digital marketers detailing how to effectively implement coordinated search and social ad campaigns. The guide, Google + Facebook: A Playbook for Cross-Channel Advertising Success, is available for free download on Marin Software’s website.

According to a study Marin Software conducted with over 200 digital marketers, a combined search and social strategy leads to more purchases, with users who click both a search and social ad contributing approximately two times more revenue per click than users who click search ads only. Importantly, Google and Facebook—representing 99% of U.S. digital advertising revenue growth in 2016—now have targeting and ad formats for every step of the customer journey, providing digital marketers with increased opportunities to meet goals and objectives.

Marin’s guide provides guidance and tactics for enacting successful cross-channel advertising campaigns, including:

  • Strategic plays for planning, executing, and measuring cross-channel ad efforts
  • How to perform an incremental lift test across channels
  • A comprehensive reference on Google and Facebook ad formats, and when to use them throughout the customer journey

“More and more advertisers are thinking strategically about the search and social advertising landscape,” said Brett Loney, Product Marketing Manager – Social at Marin Software. “We trust that our playbook offers the kind of real-world advice that marketers are looking for, as they vie for audience attention along each step of the customer journey.”


Google + Facebook: A Playbook for Cross-Channel Advertising Success